Reading Order

This is a list of all my published books, listed chronologically.  If you want to read  according to when they were released you can start at the bottom of the page or you can just start with any series you like. Have fun!

Spice and Stone

Crimson Hills

The Jacksons

The Pryce Sisters

  • Book 1: Baby for A Pryce
  • Book 2: Right Pryce Wrong Time 
  • Book 3: Yours, For A Pryce 

The Wiley Brothers

  • Book 0: Between Brothers
  • Book 1: For Pete's Sake  
  • Book 2: Crossing Jordan  
  • Book 3: Fire and Walter 
  • Book 4: The Perfect Guy 
  • Book 5: The Patience of a Saint
  • Book 6: A Case of Love