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No Fairy Tale (Crimson Hill Book 4)

No Fairy Tale (Crimson Hill Book 4)


 Once upon a time, Jack Knight visited Black Lane, Kingston’s most notorious ghetto, where he met Cambria Simmonds, a damsel in distress. What was a knight to do but help her out in her time of need?

Cambria did not believe in fairy tales. Life in Black Lane was too realistic for that. She was sister to famous madam and brothel owner, Dusty, and her life was under constant threat from Milo, the gangster who ruled the area with an iron fist.

Despite the odds, things were going quite well for her and Jack. But when her knight disappeared and lost contact with her, Cambria had to decide if she should pursue him and a chance of happiness or deal with her life the way it was. After all, life was no fairy tale...

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